About the Author

Photo of Sean Lester DurhamSean Lester Durham was born to be a writer. With roots buried deep in Tennessee and an early life in New Jersey, Sean often found himself retreating into the recesses of his creative mind.  Seeking refuge from the mercurial circumstances around him, Sean began to write stories that knew he would one day finally be ready to share with the world.

Sean became reacquainted with southern living when he left New Jersey to go to college in Alabama. He attended both Alabama State University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, with a focus in Criminal Justice. Sean went on to build his career as a networking engineer in Alabama. It wasn’t long before Sean began to get serious about cultivating his writing passion.

After years of honing his creative artistry, Sean self-published his debut novella, 9 Days, a post-apocalyptic tale that takes readers on a journey that pushes the limits of human survival. Always a creative and gifted with a detailed and seemingly vivid imagination, Sean ultimately realized that the stories, characters, and worlds that needed to be told and created, didn’t wholly belong situated in his mind but instead, authentically shared with the entire world.

Sean released “15 Hours” in the summer of 2014 shortly after the release of “9 Days.” He then followed up with his third novel “Welcome Home Thomas Burcher”, a captivating story of one man’s emotional journey of discovery after a tragic accident takes the life of a loved one.

Sean’s latest work is the riveting short story about the transcendence of love and the power of sacrifice, “Six Steps.”

Sean continues his sometimes arduous journey in creating and believes that the immense world around him provides us with all the tools we need to create while we’re still here. Relying on faith, striving towards being more disciplined, and embracing hard work, Sean now focuses on being creative while being cognizant of the fact that truly creating something requires believing in more than just himself.

Sean believes that sharing his artistic storytelling with the world isn’t just a passion but a prerequisite for the detailed understanding that dwells deep within him. This understanding that finds itself wrapped tightly around the concept that writing, creating stories and creating worlds remains a critical part of Sean’s own personal story that is currently still being written.

Sean is the father of three beautiful children; two sons and a daughter and now calls Webb, Alabama his home.