15 Hours is a thought-provoking and surreal exploration of the mind opening concept of the infinite and immense possibilities of the universe.

Loving father and husband, Steve Trawick has allowed life and his career to shut him off from the universe’s communication for most of his adult life, but one routine business trip will change everything for the committed family man.

While overseas on a business trip, Steve receives the phone call that changes everything – unspeakable tragedy back home.

Now, with his world instantly rocked off its foundation, Steve finds himself rushing home to deal with the tragedy, and to be the rock his family so desperately needs during this impossibly dark and unforgiving time in their lives.

With everything now emotionally turned upside down, Steve boards a fifteen hour flight home from Tokyo to Florida, but soon discovers that this flight isn’t an ordinary flight. A fifteen hour flight that will force Steve to open his mind, believe the impossible and question everything he’s ever believed in and more.


Two years ago, Thomas Burcher’s life was practically calm and otherwise normal. A successful culinary career at its peak, a healthy family and a relatively bright future.

After a serious accident takes the life of his beloved father, Thomas suddenly finds himself on an emotional, time sensitive journey of discovery to reclaim the most cherished pieces of his family’s lives that were suddenly lost in the accident.

As Thomas desperately attempts to recoup the most precious parts of his family’s past, he now suddenly finds himself and all that he’s held near to his heart, drifting even further away from home as the winds of time continues to separate him from all that he so desperately seeks.

Now, as Thomas struggles through the deeply emotional depths of time, he will have to fight through the pains of his past in order to understand how unconditional love, hope, sacrifice and perseverance can transcend time and improbable occurrences, as he battles all that is within, to hopefully return to the place where his heart belongs – Home.


It’s the year 2025.

The World is in the aftermath of World War 3 and the United States is practically a steadily deteriorating wasteland after a severe Nuclear attack. Ty Dawson and his daughter Samantha Dawson have been safe inside their Astoria, Oregon fallout shelter for almost a year now. Everything changes one day after discovering that in order for them to survive, staying in the shelter is no longer an option.

Forced out of their shelter and into a cold dark world they are now unfamiliar with, they find themselves on an impossible nine day, twenty three hundred mile, time sensitive journey that will test their commitment and dedication to everything important, their will to survive and their love for one another.


In an Universe so immense — love transcends time and sacrifice transcends all earthly logic.

Two souls connected through unquanitfiable love and immeasurable time, find themselves embarking on separate journeys of sacrifice and reflection that will force both to alter their understanding of the universe around them.